ODB - 3


FBM - 1

’59 Bassman

59 Bassman


PS - 5


DN - 2


BF - 3


OD - 3


RV - 5

Boss AD-8

Boss AD - 8

AD-8: Acoustic Guitar Processor

The BOSS AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Processor uses COSM modeling technology to transform the piezo pickup sound of an ordinary acoustic into six high-end acoustic guitars. The versatile AD-8 can also simulate the warm sound created by miking the guitar's neck and body -a world's first!

  1. 1Floor-based acoustic guitar processor featuring COSM Acoustic Guitar Modeling technology

  2. 2Turns ordinary piezo-equipped acoustic guitars into six of the world's finest acoustics

  3. 3Body and String Enhance controls simulate warm, miked acoustic sounds

  4. 4High-quality reverb tailored for acoustic guitar, 4-band EQ and Anti-Feedback

  5. 5Onboard chromatic tuner with Mute function and quick pedal-based operation

  6. 64 Preset memory locations for switching acoustic sounds instantly

  7. 7Balanced XLR outputs allow direct connection to PA systems

MSRP       $558.50
Savings - $208.51
Sale         - $50.00 

RV-5: Digital Reverb

The RV-5 Digital Reverb offers six of BOSS’ best reverbs in an all-new stereo effects pedal. New reverbs include convincing spring reverb emulation and a high-quality gate reverb, plus an all-new Modulate mode for spacious detuned reverb sounds.

  1. 1Compact pedal with stereo input/output for use with other stereo effects

  2. 26 high-quality reverb modes on par with rackmount processors

  3. 3New Spring reverb emulation offers realistic spring reverb sounds

  4. 4New Gate reverb derived from high-end Roland studio gear

  5. 5Modulate mode detunes the reverb sound for added spaciousness

OD-3: OverDrive

Built in the tradition of the legendary BOSS overdrives, the OD-3 OverDrive pedal gives guitarists a greatly expanded range of smooth overdrive tones and improved response while staying true to the original.

  1. 1Dual-Stage Overdrive Circuit offers a level of sustain and compression unmatched by any overdrive pedal

  2. 2Increased dynamics yield a "bigger" sound than any previous BOSS overdrive pedal

  3. 3Dynamic, non-muffled tones reminiscent of classic overdriven "stack" amps

  4. 4Straightforward Drive, Tone and Level controls

BF-3: Flanger

Building on the 20-year legacy of the famous BOSS BF-2, the new BF-3 flanger pedal gives guitarists and bassists an updated version of the classic BOSS flanger with the thickest stereo flanging sounds ever. Two new modes (Ultra and Gate/Pan) create stereo flanging with incredible depth--even Slicer-type effects and sounds that seem to "swirl" around the listener. An instant classic.

  1. 1BOSS' best flanging effects in a compact pedal

  2. 2New Ultra and Gate/Pan modes for ultra-fat flanging and futuristic slicer-type sounds, respectively

  3. 3Momentary mode turns flanging on instantly

  4. 4Tap tempo adjustable via pedal

  5. 5Independent Guitar and Bass inputs and stereo outputs

MSRP       $264.50
Savings   - $94.51 
MSRP       $161.50
Savings   - $81.51 
MSRP       $217.50
Savings   - $77.51 

DN-2: Dyna Drive

An Overdrive Pedal that Reacts to You

The DN-2 is an exciting new type of overdrive pedal that reacts to the intensity of your performance. This unique BOSS pedal comes equipped with the acclaimed Dyna Amp technology recently introduced in Roland’s popular CUBE-60 amp, letting you create unique tone transitions based on picking dynamics. It’s possible to get a transparent clean output sound by playing softly, or a powerful heavy overdrive sound by picking aggressively.

  1. 1Provides dynamic transition between clean to heavy overdrive based on picking strength and/or guitar volume

  2. 2Acclaimed Dyna Amp technology derived from Roland’s CUBE-60

  3. 3A unique way for guitarists to add expression to their performance

  4. 4Road-tough BOSS metal construction

MSRP       $163.50
Savings   - $43.51
Sale         - $70.00 

PS-5: Super Shifter

The BOSS PS-5 Super Shifter is a next-generation intelligent pitch shifting pedal with killer sounds and BOSS first features. This single box provides pitch shifting, harmonies, detuning, and wild tremolo arm/flutter effects--all with simple, knob-based control.

  1. 1Compact pedal with high-quality pitch shifting, Harmonist and tremolo arm effects

  2. 2Intelligent, key-specific pitch shifting of single notes using simple Pitch and Key knobs with scale display

  3. 3Key Shift outputs continuous shifted tone for playing in different keys

  4. 4Detune effect provides slight shifting for "fattening" a guitar sound

  5. 5Tremolo Arm effect bends single notes up or down to a pre-selected value when pedal is activated; optional expression pedal can be connected for realtime control

  6. 6Flutter effect simulates fast or slow "slap" or "slam" of tremolo bar when pedal is depressed

MSRP       $249.50
Savings   - $80.00
Sale         - $69.51         

FBM-1: Fender '59 Bassman

Fender Bassman Pedal

Fender amps of the ’50s and ’60s are beloved and coveted by guitarists around the world. Thanks to BOSS’ technology and tone know-how, the new FBM-1 brings the natural, fat, rich, bright tone of the Fender Bassman to a BOSS pedal. In conjunction with Fender, the new BOSS FBM-1 recreates the legendary tone of the 1959 Fender Bassman. Features include the same controls on the original Bassman: Presence, Treble, Mid, and Bass EQ controls. The FBM-1 also functions perfectly as a “pre-gain pedal” placed before an already overdriven amp to add the tone character of the Bassman.

  1. 1Recreates the legendary tone of the 1959 Fender Bassman amp

  2. 2Additional BRIGHT IN provides a brighter sound, similar to the original Bassman

  3. 3Presence, Treble, Mid and Bass EQ controls

  4. 4Road-tough BOSS metal construction

  5. 5Perfect pre-gain pedal for adding or retaining Fender tone color

MSRP       $249.50
Savings   - $80.00
Sale         - $69.51         

ODB-3: Bass OverDrive

The ODB-3 Bass OverDrive delivers the chest-resonating distortion that hard rock, thrash, and punk bassists have been waiting for. This hot compact pedal has been designed specifically for bass applications.

  1. 1OverDrive pedal specifically designed for bass

  2. 2Onboard two-band equalizer

  3. 3Balance knob controls dry/overdriven sound

  4. 4AC adaptor or 9V battery operation

MSRP       $190.50
Savings - $100.51
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