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Ibanez Effects Pedals

Weeping Demon Junior WD7jr

From the upgraded Classic Wah Pedal, with its new die-cast metal construction, the WD7 with its spring and normal footboard action, to the WD7JR's smooth transition and phrasing, there's a wah pedal here for every guitarist.

A more affordable version of our WD7 pedal, the WD7JR presents a high quality wah-wah pedal at a great price. Activates with minimal pedal pressure. Auto Off Delay control allows you to delay the end of wah-wah effect after your foot leaves the pedal, for smooth transition and phrasing. Features a maintenance free optical sensor – no need to worry about producing unwanted noise from the volume pot. Also includes Level control for volume adjustment.

MSRP       $119.95
Savings   - $39.96