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Paul Reed Smith PRS Guitars

  1. Store Wide Pick

We feel that Paul Reed Smith Guitars are simply the best guitars available.  Their sound and build quality surpasses even the most legendary of vintage guitars.  Available in a wide variety of body styles, PRS guitars offer versatility, beautiful finishes and the best tone money can buy.  In nearly every style of music from country to metal, PRS Guitars have taken over the musical world.

408 Brazilian Limited


  1. Brazilian Rosewood neck & fingerboard

  2. Bird inlays

  3. Finish - Trampas Green

PRS is proud to offer a new voice with the 408 Maple Top. These inspiring new instruments bring the versatility and voicing of the Private Stock Signature and the Signature Limited Edition to PRS’s Core line.

PRS 408 pickups were designed to extend the guitar’s tonal spectrum by narrowing the field of the bass pickup to increase its focus and widening the field of the treble pickup to increase its sound field (hence their asymmetric appearance). This pickup configuration (comprised of four coils and offering eight sounds) stems back to Paul’s experimentation on the Sorcerer’s Apprentice guitars in the early 1980’s. Thanks to the simple but versatile switching system featuring mini-toggle switches that provide numerous combinations of humbucking and singlecoil tones, the 408 Maple Tops provide stunning articulation and musical clarity.


MSRP       $5,862.00
Savings - $1,612.01
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